If I could

If I could take you to my future, we would be in the car on our way to Maine. I would squeeze your hand and tell you how excited I was to indulge in the fresh seafood at Bar Harbor, or how pumped, yet slightly unnerved (in a good way), that I was to go … More If I could

5’7 and 130 lbs.

The day after I graduated high school my best friend of 12 years and I decided to go get our first tattoos. She decided to ink up with a pine tree on her ankle, representing her infinite connection with nature. I on the other hand took a more personal route and went with a crescent … More 5’7 and 130 lbs.

f/50: The International Photography Collective — Discover

I thought this was absolutely stunning. I cannot wait to start photographing and interviewing people around the world.   f/50 collective is a group of international photographers with different styles from Europe, North America, and South Asia, publishing a variety of work from portraits to street snapshots to experimental photography. via f/50: The International Photography Collective — … More f/50: The International Photography Collective — Discover

To: You

If we were having coffee, I would order something warm and indulgent. I would thank you for joining me on this rainy day, and we would sit in the undisturbed silence and do nothing more than enjoy the presence of each other. No gabbing, no gossip. Just sips and smiles. I don’t ask for much, … More To: You


A daily routine for most women is to pull out their makeup brushes and powders and transform their face in order to conform to society’s ideals. It is simply a mask. It is not just a mask used to hide the faulty imperfections only your eyes can see, but more so it is a mask … More Contour

Red Whine

Depression comes as sudden and unexpected as knocking over a glass of red wine. Sitting at the dinner table amongst friends and family, enjoying the night until in one swift moment you are blindsided with a feeling of emptiness, an unworthiness to be there. You hesitantly voice that you have been drowning in sorrow for … More Red Whine

My Introduction

I’m Taylor, a college student just trying to make it as a writer. I won’t post religiously, just whenever I feel inspired to. This blog is not themed to one specific subject so I hope to keep it intriguing by writing about a little bit of everything. Critique me, inspire me, enjoy! #FoodForTheEyes